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Why You Should Encourage Your Senior Loved One to Play 3D Video Games

3D video games employ cutting edge technology to make a video game as realistic as possible. Though young people are often the first ones to use new technology, 3D video games are actually a great entertainment source for seniors. Here’s how The Grand Strand live-in senior home care providers believe your loved one can benefit from these games.

Improved Memory

Recent studies show that 3D video games can help improve senior memory. A team of researchers from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) recently published a study in the Nature International Weekly Journal of Science that showed that 3D games stimulate brainwave activity and gradually improves memory formation. With this in mind, seniors who receive dementia care in The Grand Strand, SC, may benefit from playing 3D games.

Boosted Multitasking Skills

As people age, their ability to multitask declines and makes it difficult for seniors to focus on more than one thing at a time. The UCI study also observed that 3D games improve the ability to multitask. In addition to improved multitasking abilities during the game, the research participants were also better able to multitask while performing normal, daily functions.

Enhanced Socialization

People from different generations often have trouble finding shared hobbies. Seniors who play 3D video games gain the ability to socialize and have fun with their grandchildren and younger friends. By keeping up with the latest trends in video games, seniors gain a valuable form of entertainment that keeps them in the generational loop.

Encouraged Fitness

Many gaming systems like Wii and Xbox use games that focus on improving fitness. By playing 3D video games for fitness, seniors can enjoy low-impact exercise indoors. These games can be played indoors on different difficulties, making them ideal for seniors who are unable to leave the house.

Increased Coordination

3D video games require far more spatial reasoning than regular games. A study by Gregory Clemenson for The Journal of Neuroscience linked 3D video games to an increase in overall coordination and reflex skills. These skills are crucial to prevent dangerous accidents or falls among seniors.

Seniors can significantly enhance their golden years with help from games and activities like 3D video games. Additionally, they can turn to the professionals at Home Care Assistance to provide comprehensive home care The Grand Strand seniors will love. Our compassionate caregivers devote the bulk of their time to offering stimulating activities, games, and companionship to boost cognition and overall wellbeing. Call us at (843) 353-3105 today to speak with an experienced Care Manager and learn how we will help your senior loved one achieve the wellbeing and life quality he or she deserves.