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Rousing Halloween Games for Seniors with Limited Mobility

There are many types of games that seniors with physical limitations might have fun playing. Various games are also easily altered to feature a Halloween theme. Below are a few fun games live-in caregivers in The Grand Strand can play with their senior loved ones on October 31.

Candy Guessing Games

Put candy corn in a glass jar or fill a plastic pumpkin with pieces of taffy. Encourage all of the participants to guess the number of candies. The person that comes closest to the actual number wins a prize.

Halloween Trivia

The game may entail identifying a spooky movie based on a plot line or horror movie actors. Questions might also revolve around famous books, poems, songs, and common Halloween traditions or myths.

Weird Wheel of Fortune

The game can be played similar to the popular game show. Using Halloween-themed words, seniors can take turns guessing consonants and vowels of the mystery word or phrase until someone correctly reveals the answer and wins a prize.

Creepy Concentration

Using images associated with Halloween, seniors must find the identical pairs hidden on the board. This is a perfect game for seniors because in addition to being fun, it also serves to mentally stimulate them.

Pumpkin Chunkin’

Using orange-colored beanbags or small ornamental gourds, challenge players to toss the objects into rings made from decorated hula-hoops. Determine a starting line and a point system based on the ability to hit the center of the circle.

Stop the Monster

Play the game similar to hangman. Create a colorful image of a popular Halloween monster and separate the image into pieces. Seniors can take turns guessing a designated mystery word. Every wrong guess adds a piece to the image. Participants must complete the word before the monster becomes whole.

Putrid Pyramid

The game mimics the TV show. Begin by choosing a list of Halloween-themes. Beneath each theme are mystery words. One or more people give one-word clues to another person in an attempt for that person to guess each word. Teams with the most correct answers win.

Physical limitations shouldn’t prevent seniors from having fun on Halloween or anytime of the year. Learn more about fun ways to boost your loved one’s emotional wellbeing by reaching out to a trusted Grand Strand, SC, senior care provider like Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible live-in and hourly services that we customize to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Call (843) 353-3105 to have an experienced Care Manager create a care plan for your loved one today.