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5 Reasons to Maintain a Mediterranean Diet

Fresh salads, delicious soups, wonderful vegetables, mouthwatering seafood and flavorful fruits are all part of the Mediterranean diet. There are many health benefits of eating this diet as it uses mainly whole foods while eliminating processed foods. Pawleys Island in-home care professionals recommend it for seniors for the following five reasons.

1. Heart Healthy

The Mediterranean diet is great for the heart. The diet is full of fish that contain essential omega-3 fatty acids. This is essential for seniors who require post-stroke care in Pawleys Island because these fatty acids help keep blood pressure in check. Eating foods on the Mediterranean diet like chicken and vegetables may also help to lower cholesterol.

2. Prevent Cancer

Eating vegetables on a regular basis may prevent cancer as veggies are full of healthy antioxidants. Since this diet relies on many raw foods, seniors get the most nutrients possible when they consume these vegetables fresh and crispy.

3. Lose Weight

Seniors often fight to get to or maintain a healthy weight because of their reduced physical activity level. Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables helps the senior feel full without consuming as many calories. When seniors are at a healthy weight, they are usually happier. Maintaining a healthy weight also puts less stress on bones and joints, encouraging seniors to want to move more.

4. Prevents Chronic Diseases

Seniors who maintain a Mediterranean diet are at a lower risk of developing chronic illnesses. Blood sugar levels are usually better controlled on this diet. The healthy fats additionally improve brain health, which may hinder the development of dementia. The diet also might prevent buildup of plaque in arteries, helping to control blood pressure.

5. Encourages Diversity

Since the diet relies on seasonal produce and locally caught fish, it is always changing. This encourages seniors to look forward to their meals instead of dreading eating the same old thing again and again.

With so many delicious choices, your senior loved one will enjoy being on this diet. Call Home Care Assistance at (843) 353-3105 today to learn more about the importance of nutrition and how it pertains to senior wellbeing. We provide flexible live-in and hourly care Pawleys Island seniors need to maintain healthy diet and exercise and promote overall wellness. Schedule a complimentary consultation when you speak to a friendly Care Manager.