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Why Seniors Should Follow the Japanese Diet

More people live to be 100 or older in Japan than in any other country in the world. Scientists believe it has to do with their diet. Pawleys Island elderly care professionals discuss the reasons seniors should adopt a Japanese diet.

1. Smaller Portions

Many people believe moderation is the key to a good life. The Japanese apply this idea to their meals. People in America are often surprised when they visit Japanese restaurants because portions are usually half the size of what they are used to. Smaller meal portions can help your loved one prevent obesity and related diseases.

2. Fruit for Dessert

In Japan, people don’t expect a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake after dinner. Instead, they serve a platter of fresh fruits like strawberries, apples, and pears. Your loved one can get many more vitamins and nutrients from fruits than from a handful of cookies.

3. Green Tea After the Meal

The Japanese typically finish off a meal with a nice cup of green tea. Your loved one can gain many health benefits from drinking green tea, such as lower blood sugar levels and a stronger immune system. Some say the antioxidants found in green tea can reduce the signs of aging and even prevent cancer.

4. Fish for the Main Course

For protein, the Japanese often opt for fatty fish like tuna and salmon. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, these fish are said to be good for your loved one’s heart and brain health.

5. Plenty of Vegetables

The Japanese eat vegetables at practically every meal. They steam, stir-fry, and simmer them for tasty yet easy-to-make dishes. Some favorites your loved one can include in his or her diet are green beans, seaweed, spinach, mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and bamboo shoots.

6. Less Red Meat

The Japanese do not eat red meat for dinner. Red meat consumption is much lower in Japan than in other parts of the world. Cutting back on red meat can help your loved one prevent clogged arteries, high cholesterol, and other heart conditions.

Encourage your loved one to make these changes to the diet for better health. If your loved one needs motivation to choose a healthy lifestyle, reach out to Home Care Assistance. In addition to helping with a wide array of household tasks, our caregivers can help your loved one prepare healthy meals and snacks. We offer respite and 24-hour care. Pawleys Island families can call (843) 353-3105 to speak with a Care Manager to learn more about our elderly care services.