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Does Reading Reduce Senior Anxiety?

Georgetown home care providers know that many seniors spend a good deal of their time stressing about things that they cannot control. For some seniors, the stress may come from weak muscles or achy joints that no longer allow them to move around as easily as they once could. Other seniors may live with cognitive disorders that inhibit them from functioning as well as they used to. Still others worry simply worry about financial issues and family life. Fortunately, relieving this stress and anxiety may be as simple as picking up a good book.

According to research compiled by Joseph Campbell in his book The Power of the Myth, one way to help seniors reduce their stress levels is for them to read on a regular basis. The simple act of reading can help add relevance and meaning to a senior’s life. As they get drawn into the plight of the protagonist’s transformation, many seniors find that they have more courage to face challenges in their own lives. This often helps them grow emotionally stronger with each passing day.

Archeologists know that a sign placed above the door at the library in Thebes, Greece, declared the library a healing place for the soul. Now, scientists understand that really is the case. This is because reading provides an escape mechanism where people can feed their souls even if they are not able to get around as well as they could when they were younger.

Even if a senior has never really enjoyed reading, researchers believe that the hobby can significantly benefit him or her. If your loved one’s eyesight is failing, then consider audio books. Many seniors find that listening to audiobooks is a great comfort as they spend hours alone.

Alternatively, live-in Georgetown caregivers might consider sharing their favorite books with seniors. Engage them in discussions that center around the book’s characters. This gives seniors a safe space where they can express ideas that they have or address concerns that they cannot convey when talking about their real lives.

It’s important for seniors to learn effective ways to reduce anxiety and stress. Without them, stress builds and could lead to emotional disorders like depression. Learn effective coping methods from trusted home care agencies like Home Care Assistance. We provide specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke care Georgetown seniors rely on to lead healthy active lives. Call (843) 353-3105 today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a friendly Care Manager.