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Should Seniors Engage in Sexual Activity?

It’s natural for sexual behavior and interest to change as we age. It was once common to believe that seniors don’t have sex, but it is now acknowledged that many older people prefer to be sexually active throughout their lives. However, it’s important for seniors and 24-hour caregivers in The Grand Strand to consider the drawbacks and advantages for seniors who have active sex lives.

The need for intimacy and connection never ceases, regardless of age. Sexual frequency can diminish with age, but the importance of sex remains constant in all of us throughout our lives. Those that made sex a priority in their 30s often continue to place a high importance on sex during their 60s. Some things never change.

Sex can become more challenging with age for a variety of reasons. In men, a decrease in sexual activity is usually due to side effects from medication, poor health, or erectile dysfunction. In women, the causes are often the result of the loss of a partner, hormonal changes, or medication side effects. Masturbation can be a satisfying alternative if a partner is unavailable or unable to participate.

Provided sexual activity is comfortable and medically safe, there is no reason for seniors to stop having sex. Arthritis, chronic pain, heart disease, and incontinence can be obstacles to physical intimacy. The best policy is having an open discussion with a physician to determine the medical safety of sexual activity. Certain medical issues don’t mix will with sexual activity, but a physician is the best source of guidance and information.

Many seniors find sex more enjoyable and satisfying later in life. There are fewer distractions, more free time, and no concerns regarding pregnancy. Seniors can safely enjoy sex throughout their lives and well into their golden years. Physical problems can be a challenge, but many are manageable with proper medication and exercise. It’s possible to discover a new level of closeness and affection, even if sexual activity is ill advised.

Overall, seniors benefit from sex on both the emotional and physical level. Of course, senior wellbeing doesn’t end at having an active sex life. Seniors also benefit from living healthy, independent lives in the comfort of home. Home Care Assistance provides premier elder care The Grand Strand seniors can trust to help them enhance life at home by promoting healthy diet, regular exercise, socialization, and more. Call a knowledgeable Care Manager at (843) 353-3105 today to schedule a complimentary consultation.