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Fun Activities to Enjoy with Elderly Parents This Winter

Many seniors experience seasonal affective disorder brought on by the shorter days of winter. Others miss friends and family who have gone on before them or that live further away. Therefore, it is especially important to spend some time building positive memories with seniors during this time of year. There are so many activities that you can do with your parents this year that will help brighten their long winter days while building priceless memories. Following are a few that come highly recommended by Georgetown elder care providers.

Have a Tea Party

Even if it is just the two of you, winter is the perfect time for seniors and their Georgetown home caregivers to have a tea party. Go ahead and pull out the good china and fancy tablecloth. Purchase a good quality tea that your senior loved one is sure to enjoy. Make it extra special by reading the book A Cup of Christmas Tea together. Consider his or her health conditions and choose teas that will help ward off cold and flu this season.

Paint a Window Mural

Brighten up the outside dreariness by painting a window mural. If you cannot paint, then print and cut out shapes together. Draw around them and then fill in the shapes with markers. If your senior loved one cannot stand for long periods of time, then find a stool that he or she can sit on in front of the window. Alternatively, buy a cheap window frame at a secondhand store and hang it on the wall when the project is complete.

Loom Knitting

If your senior loved one knows how to knit then let him or her make a project. Otherwise, get an inexpensive loom knitter and follow the easy directions to make a multitude of different projects including house slippers and lap robes. Alternatively, consider knitting stuffed animals and donating them to your local police department to give away.

There are so many wonderful projects that you can do with your parents this winter. The most important part is spending time together. Learn more about the importance of bonding with your senior loved one when you call Home Care Assistance at (843) 353-3105. Our highly trained live-in, hourly and respite caregivers in Georgetown work around your loved one’s schedule to boost physical, emotional and mental wellbeing at home. Call today to set up a complimentary consultation with an experienced Care Manager.