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Summer Safety: Fundamental Rules for Seniors at the Pool

Summer and sunshine attracts swimming enthusiasts of all ages to community pools. Swimming remains a wonderful low-impact activity that benefits the body in numerous ways. However, according to statistics, children and seniors were at the greatest risk for both injury and drowning. Before venturing to the pool at the fitness center, retirement home or in your loved one’s backyard, in-home caregivers in The Grand Strand should consider the following tips to ensure that the day stays enjoyable.

Know Your Limits

Seniors who don’t go swimming on a regular basis need to gently ease into the activity. Not unlike any other exercise regimen, the body needs time to adjust. Although swimming minimizes stress on weight-bearing joints and offers cardiovascular benefits, the body must gradually build up the strength and endurance to go the distance. Resist the urge to get in the pool and try to match another swimmer’s ability.

Wear a Medical Alert System

A waterproof emergency alert pendant may prove to be a life-saving advantage if your loved one suddenly feels dizzy, weakened or otherwise ill while in or out of the water at the pool. When illness strikes, a simple push of the button brings help to the location.

Use the Buddy System

Whether going to the pool for swimming lessons, a water aerobics class or in hopes of doing some laps, seniors should always have a swimming companion such as a family or respite caregiver in The Grand Strand. While enjoying the day, a swimming companion and serve as an automatic alarm system should an emergency arise.

Wear Sun Protection

Many community pools are located in direct sunlight, which poses an increased risk for disaster if elderly adults do not take precautions when spending extensive time in the sun. As adults age, their skin becomes thinner and more fragile, which heightens the chance for topical injury. Use waterproof sunscreens, wear a hat and bring a light cover-up to protect your loved one’s skin from sunburn. Protect eyes from the harmful glare of the water by wearing sunglasses.

Even if you can’t be there to escort your loved one to the pool, you can hire a trusted home care agency in The Grand Strand, SC, to help. Home Care Assistance provides flexible live-in, hourly, and respite care designed to help seniors age at home while maintaining their independence. Whether your loved one needs help with physical therapy, exercise, or safety monitoring, our expertly trained caregivers are always available to help. Call (843) 353-3105 today to learn more and schedule a no-obligation consultation.