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How SPARK Memories Radio Triggers Brain Activity

Researchers, healthcare providers and geriatric caregivers are fully aware of the effects that music has on someone living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Hearing familiar tunes heightens brain activity and stimulates senior cognition. Elderly loved ones begin to reminisce about the past and become less agitated and depressed. Putting together the right playlist of songs can present a challenge. However, SPARK Memories Radio is designed to make the task easier and more convenient for Alzheimer’s caregivers in The Grand Strand, SC.

Benefits of Using SPARK

In the past, dementia caregivers in The Grand Strand, SC, had to guess what types of music or specific songs might appeal to the seniors they cared for. While CDs feature 10 or more songs on each disk, individuals might only relate to one or two songs. The hassle of locating and purchasing individual songs can become time consuming and costly. The SPARK Memories Radio app simplifies the process by identifying which songs might suit your loved one’s taste.

How SPARK Works

The app is available through both Apple Store and Google Play. Caregivers or family members simply download the app, enter your elderly loved one’s birthdate and start making selections from hundreds of songs spanning various genres. The app functions on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for your loved one’s convenience. The user-friendly design was created so that seniors need only touch the play icon on the screen to start hearing their favorite melodies. SPARK offers a seven-day free trial. If Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers decide to continue using the app, the program is available through a monthly subscription.

How SPARK Started

As an Alzheimer’s researcher and musician, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi became aware of the positive cognitive and emotional effects that music has on seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. He collaborated with other musicians and technology experts to create the SPARK app for the pleasure of seniors with cognitive diseases. Dr. Tanzi realized that when they heard music from their younger years, the brains of Alzheimer’s patients spark memories and illicit emotions that were perhaps long forgotten. Additionally, the music has a calming effect that eases agitation, anxiety, and depression among seniors with dementia-related disorders.

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