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How to Help Seniors Move from the Hospital to Home

Having a senior in the hospital can be an overwhelming experience for many live-in Georgetown caregivers. While it is great news when the doctors decide that your senior can go home, there are some steps that you need to take to prepare for taking care of the senior at home.

Medication Management

At some point while the senior is in the hospital, insist that someone look carefully at the senior’s medication list including any supplements that the senior takes on a regular basis. Often medicines interact with each other. Now is the time to check those interactions and get rid of medicines that will hinder your loved one’s recovery.

Physical Assistance

Changes may need to be made throughout the home depending on the senior’s condition. Ramps may need to be constructed, bathrooms remodeled and bedrooms revamped. Ask friends and family to help make these changes relying on each person’s strengths.

Prevent Falls

Many seniors end up back in the hospital because of a fall while they are still recovering from illness or injury. Make sure that floors are clear of throw rugs, debris and other fall hazards. Ensure that all areas of the home can be brightly lit. The senior should be able to reach a light easily from his or her bed.

Prepare for Follow-Up

Follow-up is essential to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home. The senior may need to see numerous specialists. Understand when appointments are scheduled or what you need to do to schedule these appointments. Put it all of this information on a calendar or day planner and keep it where everyone can see it.

Arrange Assistance

The family caregiver may become easily overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening quickly. Therefore, hiring a Georgetown home care agency may be a perfect solution. These professionals are often filled with great ideas of how to make things easier for the senior. They also free up your time by doing basic tasks around the house, allowing you to focus on taking time for yourself or spending quality time with your loved one.

The hours leading up to a senior’s hospital dismissal often seem long. Take advantage of this time to make sure that all details have been attended to so that the senior can get home and stay there. Call Home Care Assistance at (843) 353-3105 to hire a trusted stroke, dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver in Georgetown to make your loved one’s transition and recovery more efficient. Our highly trained caregivers conform to your loved one’s unique schedule to promote a quick and effective recovery. Learn more when you schedule a free in-home consultation.