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Fun and Safe Winter Activities for the Elderly

While winter is often seen as only something children enjoy, but The Grand Strand live-in home care providers believe that people of all ages can enjoy wintertime activities. Indulging in fun activities with your family or friends, including your senior loved one, can be a great way to make this winter memorable. Here are some fun but safe ways to enjoy the winter weather with your senior family member.

Join a Book Group or Visit the Library

Many seniors enjoy reading and this brain-stimulating activity is mentally healthy for people of all ages. One of the best ways to enjoy reading is to join a book group. These groups typically meet at homes or libraries where each person reads the same book and then meet to discuss the content. These types of meetings can be fun, but they can also provide both social and mental stimulation for your loved one. This is especially true since reading is an activity that can be enjoyed even on the worst of winter weather days. If your loved one wouldn’t enjoy a group or club, consider bringing your loved one to a library or bookstore to choose books that look personally appealing so your loved one can read on his or her own schedule.

Watch Favorite Winter Movies

Some favorite movies to choose from include A Christmas Story and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Sit down with your loved one and make a list of two or three movies you both enjoy and then plan a day to watch a winter movie marathon. You and your loved one can prepare a few simple movie snacks, such as popcorn and candy or even a more healthful fruit and vegetable plate to enjoy during the movies. You might even encourage your loved one to invite friends or family to enjoy the afternoon together and let the movies begin.

Make Snow Ice Cream

Did you know you could make homemade ice cream using snow? If your loved one would enjoy a young-at-heart activity or enjoys preparing food, consider helping him or her make a yummy winter treat on the day of a fresh snowfall. While the snow doesn’t have to be fresh, fresh snow is likely to be cleaner than snow that has been on the ground for a while. One of the simplest recipes is to whisk milk, sugar, vanilla and salt together in a large bowl. Then, add snow and stir until you reach the desired consistency of ice cream. If you like, you and your loved one could even make sundaes or banana splits out of the snow ice cream or top it with sprinkles and chocolate or caramel sauce.

Go for a Winter Walk

Getting outside and being active is important for seniors. On a mild winter day, you may be able to take your senior loved one on a wintertime walk. If your loved one is wheelchair-bound, they can still enjoy this activity. Choose a day that is seasonably cold, but not so cold your loved one will be uncomfortable. Ensure your loved one is wrapped well in warm clothing and blankets before the leaving the house. It’s a good idea to walk the route ahead of time to be sure there are no slippery spots. Be sure to stay near your loved one so you can help him or her in the event of a slip or fall. Whether you walk  longer or merely go around the block, point out pretty scenery to your loved one, such as birds or decorated houses. You can ask your loved one about his or her favorite winter memories and share yours as you stroll through the neighborhood.

Don’t let your senior loved one feel cooped up this winter. Be sure to incorporate the above activities into his or her daily routine to ensure your senior loved one enjoys the chilly weather and stays mentally and socially engaged. For more information regarding winter tips and activities, contact Home Care Assistance at (843) 353-3105. We are a trusted provider of senior home care in The Grand Strand, and we include comprehensive assistance in the comfort and security of home. We’re available 24/7 to address your questions and concerns. Be sure to schedule a free in-home consultation when you call.